Biden Gives in on Climate Compensation, and the United States Ends Up Paying for It

As the US' special envoy for climate change, John Kerry had the correct position going into the 2022 UN climate change conference.

Before the conference, Kerry had noted that the US and other countries would not establish a legal framework that linked their liability and compensation to climate change.

To avoid further headlines about the failure of the Biden administration, Kerry agreed to establish a fund that would transfer financial resources from rich countries to developing nations.

The Biden administration caved in to international pressure and failed to prevent climate change. It will expose US taxpayers to costly legal actions.

Despite the various problems with establishing a new fund that will supposedly benefit developing countries, one thing is clear: The Green Climate Fund already exists. During the 2010 UN climate change conference, the organization established the Green Climate Fund. It is expected that wealthy nations would contribute $100 billion annually to this fund.

Since the fund was established, only $10 billion has been pledged. The previous administration of the US only gave $1 billion, while the Biden administration only managed to secure a small amount.

The failure of the first fund to meet its goals has prompted international climate bureaucrats to create another one.

The Green Climate Fund was supposed to help developing countries adopt new energy technologies and adapt to the effects of climate change. It would have been more beneficial to spend the money on projects that actually help these nations.

Unfortunately, the Green Climate Fund is also supposed to help developing countries pay for the damage they claim they have been experiencing due to climate change. This is a terrible idea, as it will encourage more people to get killed and economic damage to increase.

One of the countries that is pushing for the establishment of a new climate reparations fund is Pakistan. According to Prime Minister Shehbaz Sharif, the country was recently hit by floods that were caused by climate change. He noted that despite having a low carbon footprint, the country was still affected by the natural disaster.

In response to the natural disaster, the government of Pakistan has been promoting policies that have led to the destruction of vast forests. In addition, it has allowed farmers to cultivate flood plains, which could have helped mitigate the effects of heavy rainstorms. These non-climate-related decisions made Pakistan more vulnerable to floods.

Unfortunately, these policies are not only detrimental to Pakistan's environment, they also encourage other countries to adopt similar measures that will not help them adapt to climate change.

Climate change is a natural phenomenon that humans are expected to continue experiencing. The best thing that can be done to prevent it from happening is to make sure that the world's wealthy nations are able to adapt to the effects of climate change.

The preceding is a summary of an article that originally appeared on Washington Examiner.

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