Biden’s Shady Bribery Exposed: Family Hustle Funded by Taxpayers?

The House Ways and Means Committee, bless their hearts, released a blog post that will surely make your blood boil. Get this, folks: over 700 pages of documents reveal that President Joe Biden, yes, our very own President, was involved in some shady business bribery deals. Can you believe it? It’s like the never-ending soap opera of the Biden family drama!

According to this groundbreaking news, there was a controversial WhatsApp message from 2017 that spilled the beans. And guess who was at the center of it all? You got it, Joe Biden! The committee’s chairman, Jason Smith, wrote a scathing statement about how Hunter Biden, good ol’ Smokin’ Joe’s son, was selling his dad’s political power and influence all over the world. Talk about a family hustle!

But hold on tight, because it gets even juicier. The IRS investigators, those guys who know all about money matters, handed over some worksheets that connect Hunter Biden’s business activities to official government activity during Papa Joe’s time as Vice President. It turns out there were countless meetings and phone calls between Joe and Hunter’s sketchy associates. And get this, folks, they were even jet-setting on Air Force Two together with those business partners. I guess the taxpayers were just funding their family vacation. Way to go, Joe!

Now, don’t you worry, my fellow conservatives, because this damning evidence isn’t going unnoticed. The good folks at the House Ways and Means Committee released these documents to the public, exposing the Biden family’s shenanigans. Chairman Smith took to X, I mean Twitter, to make sure we all know the truth. He blasted out a tweet saying President Biden, yes, the man himself, was not only aware but actually involved in Hunter’s business deals. And get this, folks, the Department of Justice, aka the swamp, refused to investigate those connections. Can you believe the audacity?

It’s high time we start asking some tough questions, my friends. The mounting concerns about the tens of millions of dollars in foreign business deals involving the President and his family are undeniable. So much so that there’s talk of an impeachment inquiry! Rep. James Comer, a true patriot from Kentucky, plans to subpoena the President’s banking records. Let’s find out what’s really going on behind closed doors, shall we?

This latest report from the House committee is a smoking gun, my friends. It shows that Hunter Biden was fully aware of using his daddy’s “brand” to rake in the cash. It’s crystal clear that this whole Biden case is under investigation, and rightfully so. Let’s get to the bottom of this family’s influence-peddling scheme once and for all. Our democracy deserves better, folks!

Written by Staff Reports

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