The 7 Core Values that Conservatives Hold Dear

1. Individual Freedom

Our magnificent nation was born from the bold declaration that individual, God-given liberty should be protected against government encroachment.

That conviction still guides our conservative policy decisions. To pursue happiness, possess property, earn money, and defend ourselves and our family are all fundamental liberties bestowed to us by God.

We must continually strive to maintain and strengthen the American people’s liberty.

2. Keep Government Limited

To promote individual liberty, government must be limited.

Like our founders, we believe legitimate government is more efficient and less corrupt when its size and scope are constrained.

Our unrivaled Constitution includes crucial checks and balances, a vital separation of powers, and important safeguards against government intrusion.

Federalism, decentralization, and the reduction of red tape help ensure that government serves the people, not the other way around.

A well-informed public is the best defense against government handouts.

3. Rule of Law

The rule of law is the foundation of our “a government of laws and not of men,” Public and private morality should be cultivated, while justice should be delivered equally and impartially to all.

The judicial branch cannot assume or wield legislative or executive responsibilities. In order to be a good government, Congress must be transparent and accountable.

4. Strength for Peace

The federal government’s first duty is to preserve the country’s “common defense” and strategic interests overseas.

Our moral leadership in an increasingly perilous world necessitates that we remain the strongest military power capable of conquering any adversary, despot or terrorist, at any moment.

Air, land, marine, nuclear, and cyber combat require adequate resources.

5. Fiscal Accountability of Government

America is in an unparalleled debt and expenditure catastrophe due to government inaction.

Our current fiscal course is unsustainable and risky, threatening our nation’s economic growth, stability, and future security.

Legislators must act to stop the crisis, rein in spending, balance the budget, reform and modernize entitlement systems, reduce fraud, waste and abuse while pursuing pro-growth tax reforms and permanent tax reductions.

6. Let Free Markets Reign

Government often stands in the way of free people’s progress and prosperity.

Free markets and free trade agreements empower risk takers, entrepreneurs, and business owners to chase the American dream and create more employment and opportunities for more people.

We believe in promoting competition while limiting government intrusion and regulation. The people are better suited to make financial and personal decisions than bureaucrats, and the private sector will always outperform the governmental sector.

Our economy is built on the free enterprise system, which rewards hard effort and self-sacrifice.

7. Human Dignity

Because all men are made equal and in God’s image, every human life has intrinsic value and should be judged only by its content.

A just government defends life, values marriage and family as essential social institutions, and values religion and morality as vital cultural influences.

Education and hard labor should always be emphasized as a path out of poverty, but public aid should only be given to those actually in need.

American rule-followers deserve a fair shot. By protecting these ideas, we will preserve the goodness of America, which has made us great.