Ernst Slams Biden for Selling $2M Border Wall Parts at a Loss

U.S. Senator Joni Ernst from Iowa is not taking the Biden administration’s border crisis lightly, even though her state is nowhere near the border with Mexico. She knows that the ripple effects of an unsecured border are felt by every state in the union, and she’s not one to stay silent about it. Ernst recently called out the administration for auctioning off unused parts of former President Trump’s border wall, essentially trying to sweep the border crisis under the rug.

In a scathing statement, Ernst criticized President Biden for canceling border wall projects and leaving valuable materials to collect dust. She accused him of shamelessly auctioning off these materials for mere pennies on the dollar, instead of using them to enhance border security, as she and other Republicans have been pushing for. It’s clear to Ernst that Biden is not taking border security seriously, and she won’t let him get away with it.

Ernst has been a vocal advocate for utilizing already procured materials to strengthen the border. She played a leading role in the BUILD IT Act and supported Senator Roger Wicker’s FINISH IT Act, both aimed at pressuring the Biden administration to use these materials. The FINISH IT Act even passed with bipartisan support in the National Defense Authorization Act for FY2024. Yet, despite these efforts, Biden seems intent on making these border materials disappear, selling them off instead of addressing the crisis at hand.

The New York Post reported that the auction included 81 lots of steel structural tubes, valued at around $2 million, which were meant to be used as vertical bollards in the border barrier. This move by Biden is not just wasteful, but it also sends a clear message that he does not take border security seriously. Ernst is not letting him off the hook. She demands that Biden puts these materials to use, ends the taxpayer-funded waste, and finishes the border wall to stop the unprecedented flow of illegal aliens.

Ernst emphasizes that the consequences of Biden’s inaction at the border go beyond just security concerns. Crime, human trafficking, drug and firearm smuggling are all on the rise due to the unsecured border. Moreover, the financial burden on taxpayers continues to grow. Earlier this year, Ernst brought attention to a report from the Army Corps of Engineers, estimating that it costs $130,000 per day to monitor the unused materials at the border. It’s a needless expense that could be avoided if Biden took border security seriously.

Ernst’s solution is simple and sensible: use the materials that taxpayers have already paid for to secure the border. It’s a common-sense approach that aligns with the interests of the American people. But Biden seems determined to sabotage Congress’ efforts by auctioning off these resources at a loss to taxpayers. It’s a baffling move that can only be expected from an administration that believes simply telling illegal immigrants “do not come” will solve the problem. The American people deserve better, and Ernst won’t stop fighting for real solutions to the border crisis.

Written by Staff Reports

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