Thanks for Participating in Our Poll!

Thanks for Participating in Our Poll!


Do You Still Stand with Trump and His Quest to Reclaim the White House in 2024?

YES! I Stand with Trump and Proudly Support his 2024 Presidential Re-Election Bid
No - I Believe Trump is a Disgrace and I Cannot Support His Run for President in 2024

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Do You Believe Donald Trump will Defeat Ron DeSantis in the the Republican Primary Election?

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Democrats Waver on Biden as 2024 Election Looms, Pelosi Hesitates

In the latest episode of the Democratic soap opera, Congressional Democrats have started showing serious jitters over President Biden sticking around for another round in the Oval Office. The not-so-subtle hints began trickling out on Wednesday, with top party officials awkwardly suggesting that there’s still time for the 81-year-old Biden to hang up his presidential More


Mike Johnson Slams Biden’s Weak Response to China’s Global Threats

Speaker of the House Mike Johnson took to the podium with the kind of forceful rhetoric that reminds one why America needs strong conservative leadership. Johnson shined a glaring spotlight on what he dubbed the “China-led Axis” that poses threats not only to Ukraine and Israel but also worldwide. He didn’t mince words, reminding us More


Democrats Panic as Biden Clings to Candidacy Amid Calls to Withdraw

Democrats are in full-blown crisis mode with President Joe Biden as their candidate this fall. After his first debate against the presumptive Republican nominee, former President Donald Trump, Biden’s performance left much to be desired. The man looked more coherent when reading a teleprompter! Naturally, this blunder sent the left-wing media and Democratic loyalists into More


Democrats Struggle to Cancel Biden as Cancel Culture Complexities Grow

The latest article circulating discusses the inability of the Democrats to cancel Joe Biden. The piece delves into the complexities of Cancel Culture and its impact on public figures. It raises questions about why certain individuals are permanently canceled while others manage to navigate through unscathed. The article highlights the challenges faced by PR professionals More

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