Thanks for Participating in Our Poll!

Thanks for Participating in Our Poll!


Should Google be Investigated for Suppressing Conservative Emails?

YES! They Should be Investigated
NO - they have the right to suppress emails

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Democrats put politics over parents, reject ‘Parent’s Bill of Rights’

The Democrat-controlled Senate once again showed their true colors by voting against parental rights, this time in the form of the “Parents Bill of Rights” which failed to pass. This is just the latest example of Democrats ignoring the voices of everyday Americans and prioritizing politics over families. 🚨NEW🚨 from @reaganreese_ House Passes Legislation To More


AOC Attacks Parents Bill of Rights, Calls it “Fascism” in Latest Leftist Rant

The Squad’s resident extremist, Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, went on another unhinged rant on Thursday, attacking the much-needed proposed Parents Bill of Rights. The bill would ensure that parents and guardians are aware of their rights regarding their child’s education, and compliance with it would be required to receive federal education funds. But, as usual, AOC spewed More


Shocking: DOD leaks military records of GOP candidate

Former Colorado GOP Senate candidate, Robert "Eli" Bremer, was surprised to discover that the Air Force had released his military records without his knowledge or consent. This violation of privacy is just one example of a broader issue of the unauthorized disclosure of military records belonging to Republican candidates by the Defense Department. Former GOP More


Nikki Haley Draws the Line: No Men in Women’s Bathrooms!

Republican Presidential Candidate Nikki Haley Stands Up Against Allowing Biological Male ‘Transgender Women’ in Women’s Restrooms and Locker Rooms Nikki Haley Says Trans Women in Female Bathrooms Is Abusive. She Once Opposed a Bill to Stop It. — (@townhallcom) March 23, 2023 Nikki Haley, a well-known conservative Republican and 2024 Presidential candidate, has More

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