Thanks for Participating in Our Poll!

Thanks for Participating in Our Poll!


Should Hillary Clinton be Investigated for Corruption?

YES! Hillary is Corrupt and an Investigation is Long Overdue!
No - Hillary is Innocent and Corruption Charges are Just Dirty Politics

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Do You Believe Donald Trump will Defeat Ron DeSantis in the the Republican Primary Election?

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These Children’s Classics Just Got A ‘Woke’ Overhaul

The left’s mission to rewrite history and culture continues, as Roald Dahl’s classic children’s books are the latest victims of the woke agenda. Last year, Townhall covered how a new theater production portrayed St. Joan of Arc as “non-binary.” This attempt to rewrite a Catholic saint sparked backlash, but that didn’t stop the left from More


BREAKING: Top Democrat Announces Sudden Retirement From Congress

It appears that the Democrats are losing yet another one of their own. On Tuesday, Rhode Island’s Representative David Cicilline announced that he will be leaving Congress in June to become the President and CEO of the Rhode Island Foundation. This news comes as a shock to many, as Cicilline has served in Congress since More


GOP Senator: China Will Dominate World Unless Biden Acts Now!

Senator Eric Schmitt of Missouri recently appeared on Sunday Morning Futures to address the threat China poses to the United States. In his response to host Maria Bartiromo’s questions about the Biden Administration’s China policy, Sen. Schmitt did not mince words. He declared that China is America’s chief adversary and has plans for world domination. More


REPORT: Biden Set For Tax Hike On Middle Class America

In his State of the Union address, President Joe Biden pledged to prevent any reduction in Social Security or Medicare benefits. However, according to Brian Riedl, a senior fellow at the Manhattan Institute, this could result in an increase in taxes for the middle class. Riedl expressed this viewpoint in The Wall Street Journal. Biden More


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