Thanks for Participating in Our Poll!

Thanks for Participating in Our Poll!


Will You Vote for Trump Again in 2024?

YES! Trump has my Support for a 2024 Run!
NO - He should Step Aside for Someone Else

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Do You Believe Donald Trump will Defeat Ron DeSantis in the the Republican Primary Election?

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Trump Crowd FIRED UP During Passionate Campaign Speech

Former President Donald Trump gave an impassioned address to a sizable gathering of supporters near Mar-a-Lago on Presidents Day. The event was organized by Club 45 USA, which had renamed itself to Club 47 as a tribute to Trump’s potential 2024 presidential bid. The supporters began queuing up hours ahead of the speech, and the More


Trump Leads GOP Primary: POLL Proves He’s the Favorite!

According to a recent survey of 1,838 registered voters in the United States conducted by Harvard, The Harris Poll, and Center for American Political Studies, former President Donald Trump is currently the top contender in a hypothetical GOP primary, with Florida Governor Ron DeSantis coming in second place. The poll results indicated that Trump is More


Eric Adams’ Potshot at DeSantis Ends in Epic Failure!

On Twitter, Mayor Eric Adams (D) of New York City criticized Florida Governor Ron DeSantis’ (R) trip to Staten Island to showcase his state’s progress in combating crime and retaining law enforcement personnel. Adams emphasized that New York City is a welcoming place that does not discriminate against LGBTQ+ individuals, exploit asylum seekers, or restrict More


James O’Keefe Reveals Why He Was Removed From Project Veritas

James O’Keefe, the founder of Project Veritas, recently released a farewell speech to the organization. In his speech, he admitted that he was stripped of his authority as CEO and removed from the board. O’Keefe also revealed the events that led to his removal, including firing a board member who disagreed with him about fundraising More


Kristi Noem RIPS Into Biden’s China Actions

Governor Kristi Noem of South Dakota recently appeared on Fox News’ “Hannity” to discuss the Chinese government’s attempts to buy up US farmland. Noem has taken a proactive stance against the Chinese, issuing an executive order that bans state contracts and telecommunications companies from affiliating with China. She is also working with legislators in South More


Buttigieg Blames Trump for East Palestine Derailment

The toxic train derailment catastrophe in East Palestine, Ohio has been a cause of concern for many, putting added pressure on the Biden administration to respond. Pete Buttigieg, the Cabinet official responsible for overseeing the U.S. railway system, has been evading accountability and instead holding Donald Trump accountable. However, his recent excuse was debunked by More

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