Trump Witch Hunt Crumbles: Key Subpoena Ditched!

The witch hunt against former President Donald Trump is crashing and burning as the special counsel, Jack Smith, has finally come to his senses and dropped a crucial subpoena regarding documents related to Trump’s fundraising efforts during the 2020 election. This move by Smith demonstrates that even he realizes the flimsy nature of the allegations against Trump.

According to The Washington Post, Smith is starting to backpedal on his waves of subpoenas, desperately searching for any shred of evidence to prove that Trump tried to raise money off the claims that President Joe Biden stole the election. This decision specifically ends Smith’s inquiry into Save America, a political action committee controlled by Trump, which spent large sums of money on lawyers to challenge the election results in crucial swing states like Georgia.

Sources reveal that Save America was prepared to provide responsive documents, but were pleasantly surprised when Smith’s demand was dropped. Finally, some sanity in this never-ending saga! Both Save America and the special counsel’s office declined to comment, further confirming that this entire case is a colossal waste of time and taxpayer dollars.

It’s not surprising that Smith is starting to second-guess his ability to link Trump’s fundraising efforts with accusations of pressuring state officials and challenging vote tabulations. The fact is, there is simply no evidence of such wrongdoing. The original indictment against Trump doesn’t even mention Save America as a co-conspirator. It’s clear that this excessive fishing expedition is coming up empty, and it’s about time somebody realized it.

Save America, founded after the 2020 election, has been a force to be reckoned with, raising over $100 million to fund a series of lawsuits in states like Georgia, Arizona, and Michigan. While these lawsuits were ultimately dismissed, Save America continues to raise funds to support Trump through his various legal battles, including four criminal indictments and a civil real estate trial in New York. The PAC has been generous in paying the legal expenses, shelling out a staggering $37 million to more than 60 law firms since January 2022. These high costs are countered by the unwavering support Trump receives from donors who see right through the politically motivated attacks orchestrated by Democratic prosecutors and even Smith, a Biden appointee.

While Smith is busy with his expensive and futile attempt to take down Trump, he should also ponder the astronomical costs he is racking up for taxpayers. Experts predict that he is on track to spend a mind-boggling $25 million in just one year for this baseless case of election interference. And let’s not forget that Smith is also pursuing another case against the president, accusing him of mishandling classified documents. Can’t this guy find something better to do with his time and our money?

In the end, this dropped subpoena is a major blow to the already crumbling case against Donald Trump. It’s time to accept the reality that this entire investigation is nothing more than a politically motivated charade aimed at tarnishing the reputation of a successful and beloved president. The American people deserve better than this partisan witch hunt, and it’s about time it comes to an end.

Written by Staff Reports

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