Adams Approval Craters at 28%, Cuomo Lurks for Comeback

New York City Mayor Eric Adams is facing some major turbulence in his administration as recent polls are painting a grim picture of his popularity. According to the latest Quinnipiac University poll, Adams’ approval rating has plummeted to a dismal 28%. This marks the lowest rating for any mayor in the city since 1996. The embattled mayor is seemingly losing favor among registered voters, paving the way for former New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo to swoop in and potentially make a political comeback.

Adams’ troubled tenure is marred by a series of controversies that have cast a dark cloud over his administration. One major bone of contention is the drastic budget cuts inflicted upon the New York Police Department, the worst the city has experienced in decades. The budget slashing is largely attributed to the strain caused by the influx of immigrants from the southern border, draining millions of dollars from the city’s coffers.

The mayor’s handling of the migrant crisis has come under intense scrutiny, as New York City finds itself grappling with accommodating over 130,000 migrants as of mid-October. This overwhelming influx, largely facilitated by the policies of the Democratic Party, has placed an unprecedented strain on the city’s resources and raised serious concerns among the residents.

In addition to these challenges, Adams faces damning allegations, including a claim of sexual assault dating back to 1993. The mayor vehemently denies these accusations, with his office asserting that he doesn’t even recognize the accuser. Moreover, the FBI has launched an investigation into allegations that Adams’ mayoral campaign conspired with Turkey to receive illegal foreign donations. Federal agents raided his residence and seized electronic devices in connection with this probe, further fueling the cloud of suspicion hanging over the embattled mayor.

With Adams’ approval rating nosediving and Democrats wavering in their support, the possibility of Cuomo seizing the reins from the beleaguered mayor looms large on the political horizon. It’s no secret that Cuomo is eyeing a potential return to the political arena, setting the stage for a potential showdown with Adams in a Democratic primary.

However, Cuomo himself is no stranger to scandal, having faced a barrage of sexual harassment allegations that ultimately led to his resignation as the governor of New York in August 2021. Despite the dismissal of the only criminal charge filed in connection with the allegations, Cuomo continues to grapple with legal woes, including a new sexual harassment lawsuit filed under the Adult Survivors Act.

Nevertheless, whispers abound that Cuomo may opt to refrain from entering the mayoral race out of respect for his friendship with Adams. While the former governor has hinted at the possibility of a political comeback, he has been vocal in his criticism of the challenges besetting Adams’ mayoral tenure, particularly lambasting the handling of the migrant crisis and the heavy-handed tactics employed against the mayor.

In essence, as Adams grapples with a rapidly dwindling approval rating and mounting allegations, the specter of Cuomo’s potential resurgence lurks in the background, underscoring the tumultuous and high-stakes political landscape engulfing New York City.

Written by Staff Reports

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