AG Garland Dismisses DOJ Bias Concerns as Conspiracy Theories in Op-Ed

Attorney General Merrick Garland wrote an article to defend Biden’s Department of Justice (DOJ) in The Washington Post. He denied criticisms of the DOJ being politically biased as “conspiracy theories.” However, many people feel he did not address the actual concerns raised.

Garland stated that recent attacks on the DOJ are baseless, personal, and dangerous. Critics claim that the DOJ has spent significantly more on investigations related to former President Trump compared to those involving President Biden. There are also concerns about the DOJ directing funds to left-wing nonprofits.

Moreover, Garland dismissed accusations of the department politicizing its work to influence elections. Some have questioned the timing of certain trials and the withholding of important information from Congress. This has raised doubts about the DOJ’s transparency and fairness.

The DOJ maintains that their investigations are solely based on facts and the law, without regard to individuals’ backgrounds or beliefs. However, there are instances where pro-life activists have faced harsh sentences while other cases, such as those involving Hunter Biden, have not been pursued rigorously.

Critics argue that the DOJ has shown bias in its prosecution decisions. Additionally, concerns about political influence within the DOJ have been raised since before the current administration. It is essential for the Department of Justice to address these concerns to uphold its credibility.

Written by Staff Reports

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