Alert: Lady Bandit Swipes Handfuls of Ballots from Unsuspecting Voters

The United States has always prided itself on having secure and trustworthy elections. It’s something that both sides of the political spectrum should be able to agree on. However, recent events in Massachusetts have raised some concerns and cast doubt on the integrity of the election process.

According to WBTS-TV in Boston, multiple voters in Lawrence, Massachusetts, experienced an unsettling situation on Election Day. When they showed up to vote, they were informed by election officials that they had already voted. Imagine the shock and confusion of these individuals when they realized that their vote had been stolen from them.

One voter, a man who wishes to remain unidentified, took matters into his own hands by contacting the police. The door camera footage from his home revealed a woman standing at his mailbox and seemingly removing ballots. This blatant act of theft and fraud cannot be tolerated.

Another voter, Rosalis Gonzalez, found out that someone had voted in her name by forging her signature. This is a clear violation of the trust that voters place in the election system. Gonzalez rightly demands that her in-person vote be counted, as it is the only legitimate vote.

Officials have promised a thorough investigation into these incidents. Massachusetts Secretary of State William Galvin stated that they will review all the ballots, both mail-in and provisionals, in order to reconcile the list. If necessary, they will also reach out to those who allegedly voted by mail. It is important that these investigations are carried out diligently and without bias.

For those who have long been suspicious of mail-in voting, these allegations of voter fraud only add fuel to the fire. Conservative commentator Charlie Kirk took to social media to express his frustration, calling mail-in ballots a “total FRAUD.” He also pointed out that we only seem to hear about election fraud when it involves Democrats cheating other Democrats. This observation cannot be dismissed lightly.

Instances like these from Massachusetts and Connecticut make a compelling argument against the widespread use of mail-in ballots. The potential for fraud and manipulation is simply too great. While some may argue that mail-in voting provides a convenient option for those who cannot vote in person, it ultimately undermines the legitimacy of our elections.

If those responsible for the fraud in Lawrence and Bridgeport had wanted to cheat, they certainly had plenty of opportunities to do so. They could have used out-of-state vehicles to transport premarked ballots, or they could have left voting machines unguarded. And if all else failed, they could have always blamed Russia. It’s clear that the possibilities for election tampering are endless.

In the face of these disturbing incidents, it is shocking that some still maintain that such things never happen. The American people deserve better. They deserve reassurance that their votes count and that their voice is heard. It is up to us to demand transparency and accountability in our election system, so that we can continue to have faith in the democratic process.

Written by Staff Reports

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