Alert: Reporter Rings Hunter Biden’s Phone, JOE Answers!

In the ongoing investigation regarding Hunter Biden, a shocking revelation has emerged. According to John Solomon, an investigative journalist for Newsmax, he accidentally reached out to Joe Biden during 2019. He was trying to reach out to the former president after he received information about the investigation, which included a telephone number. Since he is an investigative journalist, Solomon wanted to get some juicy quotes from Hunter.

Upon receiving the call, Solomon was stunned by the presence of Joe Biden on the line. The former vice president immediately hung up, leaving him with more questions than he had previously thought. This encounter caused him to dig deeper and uncover more interesting facts about the Hunter Biden laptop controversy. It has been reported that the phone bills of Joe Biden may have been linked to the phone used by Hunter.

Aside from Solomon, Miranda Devine, a journalist, also uncovered evidence indicating that Hunter Biden had been paying for various of Joe Biden's expenses. This suggests that there might be more to the relationship between the former president and his son.

Another development that caught the attention of Solomon was the involvement of Devin Archer, who was reportedly close to Hunter Biden. According to him, Archer's possible involvement could have a negative effect on Biden.

Another whistleblower has come forward and revealed details about the allegations made against the Biden family in 2016. The report provided to the SEC was the earliest instance of this issue. This individual is now working with members of Congress and is expected to provide more information about the situation next week. It's a clear indication that the former vice president and his family are facing increasing pressure.

These developments have put Joe Biden in a difficult position. He had previously stated that he never discussed his son's business activities with him. However, these claims have been questioned, and the people are now demanding an explanation from the president.

Solomon and his colleagues are committed to uncovering the truth as the investigation continues. They believe that the power of whistleblowers and facts can reveal the truth. Expect more shocking revelations during this political drama, so keep an eye on this story.

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