America First Legal Demands Election Officials Verify Voter Citizenship Using DHS Data

America First Legal has issued a wake-up call to election officials across the nation, demanding they verify the immigration status of voters to prevent non-citizens from casting ballots. It appears common sense has finally hit the bureaucratic fan, and election officials now have marching orders: ensure only U.S. citizens make it to the voting box, using Department of Homeland Security data to verify citizenship.

The letter from America First Legal lays it out straightforwardly. Officials have the green light to use DHS data to cross-reference voter rolls with citizenship records. There’s no room for excuses here; Congress has mandated DHS to comply. If the department drags its feet, legal action is just around the corner to force the issue. The stakes couldn’t be higher, with illegal immigration at record levels since Sleepy Joe took office on January 20, 2021.

America First Legal’s letter underscores the urgency of this action. There’s still time to clean up voter lists before the critical fall elections. The letter warns, act now or risk illegal votes diluting the voices of lawful American citizens. It wouldn’t be the first time; audits and investigations have already found tens of thousands of non-citizens on voter rolls, with some even slipping through to cast ballots.

Under the outdated National Voter Registration Act of 1993, states provide welfare applicants with voter registration forms that conveniently do not require proof of U.S. citizenship. Just sign and attest you’re a citizen—no big deal if one intends to subvert the democratic process. 

This loophole has invited fraud, with foreign nationals playing the system, especially in high-stakes battleground states where every vote counts.
With expectations that at least 8 million more migrants could be living in the U.S. by October, many eligible for welfare benefits, the potential for voter fraud is only set to increase. Rather than tightening the security of our elections, the current administration seems intent on opening the floodgates, raising the suspicion that this could be a deliberate strategy to influence future elections.

Stephen Miller, president of America First Legal, didn’t mince words, accusing the Biden administration of mass-importing illegal immigrants, doling out social security numbers like candy, and handing out voter registration forms. Miller described this as a blatant attempt to sabotage the 2024 election through mass illegal voting—a real foreign interference threat if there ever was one. America First Legal’s call to action is critical to safeguarding our democratic process. States must act decisively to purge their voter rolls of ineligible names and ensure the sanctity of every American citizen’s vote.

Written by Staff Reports

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