Americans Say “Enough!” As Biden’s Border Bungle Tops Inflation Woes

President Joe Biden’s lax approach to immigration is causing a stir among Americans, as revealed in the latest Harvard Harris poll. The poll of 2,111 registered voters conducted on March 20-21 indicates that immigration is the primary concern for 36 percent of respondents, outweighing inflation and the economy.

It seems like everyone’s in agreement on the immigration issue. Thirty-six percent of respondents pointed straight at immigration, while 33 percent highlighted inflation, and a mere 23 percent focused on the economy and jobs. The demographical breakdown is just as telling, with 39 percent of whites, 41 percent of Hispanics, 28 percent of Asians, and 28 percent of people aged 25 to 34 rating immigration as their top concern.

It’s made its way into people’s personal lives, with 21 percent of respondents reporting that immigration is the top issue affecting them personally. That’s a four-point jump from the previous month’s poll. And it’s not just the Harvard Harris poll sounding the alarm. Cygnal polling echoes similar sentiments, showing that border security has surged to the top of the list at 30 percent, leaving inflation in the dust at 23 percent.

Biden’s immigration policy has ushered in a whopping seven million extra migrants into the country, and the consequence? Well, it’s inflated the costs of housing, cars, groceries, and other essentials. It’s hitting people right in the pocketbook, folks. No wonder 58 percent of the 2,111 registered voters in the Harvard Harris poll believe that Biden’s border situation is “getting worse,” and a staggering 73 percent want Biden’s deputies to amp up enforcement.

It’s not just the people. The New York Times is also sounding the alarm, with op-ed writer Bret Stephens acknowledging that Biden’s policies are detrimental to Democrats and could be a significant factor in their potential losses in the upcoming election. Even Democrats are starting to see the light. It’s crystal clear that Biden’s lackluster leadership at home and abroad, especially when it comes to handling the immigration crisis, is not sitting well with the American people.

There are real people, like the woman featured in the tweet, who have suffered greatly as a result of the chaos on the streets caused by unchecked migration. It’s a tragic and unacceptable situation. It’s high time Biden and his cohorts take real action to address this issue and put the well-being of Americans first. It’s not just about winning elections or pleasing donors. It’s about safeguarding the future of this great nation.

Written by Staff Reports

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