Anti-Trump GOP Hopeful Nabbed for Tax Fraud Fiasco!

Well, well, well, look who’s in hot water now. John Anthony Castro, the long-shot Republican presidential candidate who couldn’t stop yapping about getting Donald J. Trump kicked off the primary ballot, got himself arrested for cooking up some phony tax returns. What a hypocrite! This tax attorney, who never even got a license to practice law, thought he could take on Trump and the whole political system. But turns out, he’s the one who’s been playing fast and loose with the rules.

This phony-baloney candidate is facing a whopping 33 felony counts for helping his clients cheat on their taxes. Each of those counts could land him in the slammer for three years if he’s found guilty. And get this, folks: he’s been parading around, contesting Trump’s eligibility in New Hampshire, all without a lawyer by his side. This guy is about as qualified to run for president as a ham sandwich.

It’s not a shocker that Castro’s campaign barely drummed up $678 in donations by September. Who in their right mind would throw money at a guy who’s never even come close to being a serious competitor in the race? But what’s really nuts is the fact that he tried to make a big splash with a slew of lawsuits in 27 states, claiming Trump shouldn’t be in the running for president because of some 14th Amendment mumbo jumbo. Give it a rest, Castro.

This guy is a total fraud, and now it’s all out in the open. It seems like he and Trump have at least one thing in common—both of them are knee-deep in legal trouble. This wannabe politician sounded like a nutcase before, and now it’s official. Good riddance!

Written by Staff Reports

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