AOC Meltdown As Hunter Biden Associate SPILLS Secrets

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Let’s start with the highlight of the morning: AOC having a mental meltdown as former Hunter Biden associate, Tony Bobulinski, absolutely schools her. Typical Democrats, always trying to avoid accountability. Bobulinski brought the heat at the House Oversight Committee, exposing the shady dealings of the Biden family. It’s like watching a circus, but with less clowns and more corruption!

Meanwhile, Ayanna Pressley’s agenda gets exposed when Ron DeSantis suggests sending Haitian refugees to Martha’s Vineyard. The nerve of these leftists to exploit vulnerable people for political gain is despicable. Letting their true colors show, Pressley and her ilk care more about virtue signaling than actually helping those in need. Talk about being out of touch with reality!

Now, as we look ahead to Capitol Hill today, it may not be as entertaining as Bobulinski’s mic drop moment, but there are still some crucial hearings lined up. From discussing national security challenges in the Middle East and Africa to examining the dangers of ceding financial regulation authority, there’s no shortage of hot topics to keep an eye on. It’s like C-SPAN, but with more drama and less boredom.

In White House news, President Joe Biden continues his never-ending campaign tour, jetting from Dallas to Houston and then back to D.C. It’s like he’s more focused on rallying than actually governing. And with no Supreme Court arguments today, we’re eagerly awaiting rulings on key cases involving Texas immigration policies and Trump’s legal tussles. Let’s hope justice prevails over liberal activism.

As we celebrate Twitter’s 18th birthday today, let’s reflect on how social media has shaped our world. While it’s been a useful tool for sharing conservative ideas, it’s also been a battleground of censorship against right-leaning voices. Let’s hope for a future where free speech reigns, even in the virtual realm.

So grab your MAGA hat and join the conversation as a VIP member on RedState. Stay informed, stay engaged, and most importantly, stay conservative. Because at the end of the day, nothing triggers the left more than a well-informed patriot armed with the truth.

Written by Staff Reports

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