Arkansas Axes Nonbinary License Option: A Triumph for Sanity

Arkansas stood its ground and rolled back the option for folks to register as nonbinary on their driver’s licenses. The Arkansas Department of Finance and Administration (DFA) put the brakes on the “X” gender marker, choosing instead to stick to “male” or “female” as designated on birth certificates. Governor Sarah Huckabee Sanders, a Republican champ, applauded this move and declared it as pure common sense.

In a victory for traditional values, the DFA emphasized the importance of accurate, verifiable data on IDs. Governor Sanders, a beacon of reason in a world of confusion, highlighted that only women give birth, and men shouldn’t be hopping onto women’s sports teams. Cheers erupted as the state bid farewell to the flimsy “X” option.

IDs with the old “X” will chug along until their expiration dates, but come renewal time, it’s back to the basics. Jim Hudson, the DFA Secretary, steered the ship towards a more sensible direction, emphasizing the need for IDs based on solid facts. The policy shift left no room for doubt – Arkansas won’t be a playground for identity whims.

Letting folks switch genders like they’re changing hats is as reckless as letting a raccoon loose in a cornfield. This move spells out a return to order, a victory for prudence over pandemonium. It’s about time someone put the brakes on this gender-identity circus. Kudos to the DFA for slamming the door on this chaos, sealing it with a stamp of good old common sense.

Written by Staff Reports

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