Axelrod Sounds Alarm: Biden’s Poll Plunge Signals Trump Triumph Ahead

David Axelrod, a top political adviser to ex-President Barack Obama, is the latest to express concern over Biden’s plummeting popularity. The recent Wall Street Journal poll has apparently thrown Axelrod for a loop – he’s quoted on the “Hacks on Tap” podcast expressing deep worries about Biden’s approval rating crashing to a dismal 37 percent. To add insult to injury, the same poll shows Trump leading Biden by four points in a one-on-one matchup, and by an even bigger six points when independent candidates are thrown into the mix.

Perhaps most concerning of all is the public’s perception of “Bidenomics,” which seems to have become a heavy burden for the president. A whopping two-thirds of respondents view the economy as bad and even worse than it was two years ago. It doesn’t help that only a paltry 23 percent of people believe they’re doing well under Biden’s leadership, compared to 49 percent who thrived during Trump’s presidency.

Axelrod’s bashing doesn’t stop at the economy, though. He’s also throwing shade at Biden’s campaign, claiming it’s “way behind” where it should be in securing support from the voters. And this isn’t a new concern for Axelrod – he’s been warning Democrats about Biden’s shortcomings for over a month, emphasizing the urgency of deciding whether to push Biden aside for a new face. Plus, Axelrod isn’t the only Obama affiliate sweating buckets over Biden’s prospects; Obama himself reportedly thinks Biden could “very well lose” in 2024.

And the bad news keeps coming: according to the newest Monmouth University poll, Biden’s approval rate is a dismal 34 percent, putting him on par with Trump’s lowest rating. This is a far cry from when Biden dubbed Trump the “worst president” in history during their 2020 battle.

Overall, things are looking pretty bleak for Biden and the Democrats. His downward spiral in the polls doesn’t seem to show any signs of slowing, and Axelrod believes the only way out might be to drop Biden altogether. With time running out, the Dems better make a move sooner rather than later, or it might be too late.


Written by Staff Reports

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