Baltimore Mayor Slams CNN for Airing Bridge Disaster Footage!

Tuesday, Baltimore City Councilman Brandon Scott pleaded with CNN to cease broadcasting the "traumatizing" footage of the Francis Scott Key Bridge collapse. "I intend to be the first to request that CNN and all others cease the broadcast of the video," Scott informed Sara Sidner of CNN. "Repetition of the prospect that a member of their family might sustain a severe injury or be injured in some other way is unnecessary. The situation is causing significant distress and trauma to our community."

A cargo ship collided with one of the bridge supports at approximately 1:30 a.m., resulting in a "catastrophic collapse" that threw vehicles and individuals into the water below.

"The tragedy is beyond description," declared Mayor Scott. "We are aware that this vessel collided with the bridge, resulting in its collapse." At that moment, individuals were engaged in manual labor on the bridge. Automobiles are submerged in water. This has been corroborated by our fire department, which is utilizing sonar to direct the ongoing search and rescue operation.

Mayor Scott underscored the critical nature of directing attention towards the individuals ensnared in the water, specifically drawing attention to the families who were anxiously awaiting updates on the whereabouts of their cherished ones. He stated with a sense of immediacy, "We are aware that there will be inquiries regarding the port, traffic, and bridge, but for the time being, all eyes on earth should be on these individuals and their families who are unsure whether they will return to their residences after leaving for work last night."

Providing a firsthand account of the surreal experience, Mayor Scott compared the scene of the devastation to something from an action film, expressing a moment of awe and astonishment. The scene has evoked strong emotions and has rendered the community desolate and in search of unity and assistance.

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