Betsy DeVos Criticizes Biden’s Title IX Changes as Harmful to Women

It ain’t looking good, folks! Former Education Secretary Betsy DeVos is sounding the alarm on the Biden administration’s overhaul of Title IX, and she ain’t holding back. DeVos, who knows a thing or two about Title IX, is flabbergasted that a law meant to protect women is now being twisted to actually harm them. Can you believe it? She’s like, “Say it ain’t so, Joe!”

The Biden administration, in their infinite wisdom, has gone and redefined sex to include claimed gender identities under Title IX. So now, boys can waltz right into the girls’ bathrooms as early as elementary school. Elementary school, people! And don’t get her started on how this mess is gonna affect women’s sports. DeVos is shrieking, “This is an all-out assault on everything we’ve put in place to protect women and girls!”

But wait, there’s more! Other folks who know a thing or two about Title IX are hopping on the criticism train too. Bob Eitel, a former senior counsel to DeVos, is raising the roof about how these new rules are like a hijacking of the law to force radical changes down our throats. And Nicole Neily from Parents Defending Education is throwing her two cents in, saying that schools won’t even have a say anymore on how to provide certain services based on self-declared gender identity.

The changes to due process protections for students accused of misconduct on college campuses are also causing an uproar. The Biden administration claims they’ve kept some of those protections, but Eitel is calling it like he sees it – a “gutting” of those safeguards. And let’s not forget about the impact on freedom of speech. Sarah Parshall Perry, a former Department of Education senior counsel, is warning that the new rule erases free speech protections for students and teachers who ain’t on board with using “preferred pronouns.”

So there you have it, folks. The Biden administration’s got folks like DeVos and her crew seeing red over these changes to Title IX. It’s like they’ve taken a wrecking ball to everything that’s been fought for to protect women and students’ rights. What a mess! And it looks like the fight ain’t over yet.

Written by Staff Reports

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