Biden, 81, Prepares for Showdown with Trump Despite Plummeting Polls

Here we go again, folks. President Joe Biden, who some say might need an instruction manual to find his own office, reportedly plans to face former President Donald Trump in their first televised debate ahead of the 2024 election. Biden’s team promises an “aggressive” performance, despite his track record suggesting otherwise.

With Biden turning 81 this year, the White House hasn’t confirmed if he’ll need some ‘extra help’—potentially performance-enhancing drugs—to deliver those promised ‘punchy’ remarks on June 25th. It seems someone’s been watching too many Rocky movies if they believe Biden stands a chance against Trump’s straightforward approach.


A Biden campaign representative boasts that the president will come out swinging, aiming to show he’s the wise and steady leader in contrast to Trump’s so-called chaos. Perhaps Biden should focus more on navigating the steps to Air Force One instead of pretending to be a heavyweight champion in the political ring.

A reality check: A recent ABC News/Ipsos poll shows the majority of voters think Biden’s age is a deal-breaker. Even 73 percent of Democrats aren’t convinced that Biden has the mental or physical capacity to run the country for another four years. That’s like expecting an antique clock to keep time in a Formula 1 race.

Expect Biden to use the typical liberal playbook: accusing Trump of everything from promoting political violence to undermining democratic institutions. He’ll also likely blame Trump for being a billionaire’s puppet while conveniently ignoring his own family’s questionable financial gains.

In a desperate attempt to garner support, Biden’s campaign plans over 1,600 events nationwide, especially targeting the LGBTQ community and college students—relatively safe spaces for his base. They’ll flood TV and digital ads, hoping to distract Americans from Biden’s falling approval ratings.

Ironically, a campaign memo portrays Biden as a valiant fighter for the American people, while depicting Trump as a self-serving villain. Someone should remind Biden’s team that imagining a convicted felon on the debate stage is pure fantasy, but truth often takes a backseat in Washington spin.

Biden allies will kick off debate week with 16 events marking the second anniversary of the Supreme Court’s reversal of Roe v. Wade, trying to leverage that decision for every ounce of outrage. One thing’s for sure, they’ll need more than hollow outrage and empty promises to go toe-to-toe with Trump. Grab the popcorn, because this battle looks more lopsided than David versus Goliath—if David forgot his slingshot.

Written by Staff Reports

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