Biden Admin Dodges Questions After Hunter’s Guilty Verdict

A group on a TV channel known as CNN questioned a former worker from the Biden team after she tried to clarify the cancellation of the White House press briefing that was supposed to happen on Tuesday.

The briefing got called off not long after a jury in Delaware found Hunter Biden guilty on three counts related to a gun purchase back in 2018. Kate Bedingfield, who previously managed communication at the Biden White House, mentioned that canceling a briefing after a president gives important remarks is not strange. She stated that when the president talks about significant issues or accomplishments, it’s crucial to focus on that.

Some members of the panel challenged Bedingfield’s explanation, with one Republican strategist mentioning that the real reason for the cancellation was to avoid questions about Hunter Biden’s conviction. Transparency, according to him, would have been better received. Bedingfield, however, insisted that the focus should remain on the president’s discussion about gun control.

It was brought up during the discussion that Hunter Biden had indeed been convicted, but the emphasis seemed to be on steering clear of the topic until the president himself addresses it. A special counsel has already secured an indictment against Hunter Biden for not paying over $1 million in taxes from 2016 to 2019.

The situation surrounding Hunter Biden’s legal troubles and the subsequent cancellation of the press briefing only adds to the growing concerns about the lack of transparency and honesty from the Biden administration. It is essential for public officials to address issues head-on and not dodge questions, especially when it involves a close family member of the President. The focus should always be on accountability and truth, not on evading

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