Biden Admin Partners with Left Groups for Voter Push

The federal government is teaming up with left-wing organizations to put into action President Biden’s executive order called “Bidenbucks.” This order is aimed at converting various federal agencies into voter registration centers across all states. Some critics have likened this move to the controversial “Zuckerbucks” initiative, where funds from Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg were allegedly used to boost Democratic voter turnout in the 2020 election.

One key aspect of the “Bidenbucks” plan involves working with organizations like Demos, a progressive group, which played a role in crafting the executive order. The Department of Justice engaged in discussions with these left-leaning groups to strategize on how best to execute the order, which emphasizes promoting voter registration and participation within federal agencies.

Critics argue that initiatives like “Bidenbucks” and “Zuckerbucks” blur the lines between public institutions and partisan interests, potentially favoring one political party over another. They raise concerns about the allocation of resources and the potential impact on election outcomes.

It has been revealed that during a meeting with various non-governmental organizations (NGOs), discussions centered on topics like restoring voting rights for felons and ensuring that prison inmates are registered to vote. These discussions have sparked debates on whether such actions are necessary to enhance democratic participation or if they could lead to unfair advantages for certain political groups.

In light of these developments, conservatives may see the collaboration between the federal government and left-wing organizations as a cause for concern. They may view these efforts as attempts to manipulate the electoral process in favor of progressive agendas, potentially undermining the integrity of the voting system. Such partnerships could further polarize an already divided political landscape, raising questions about transparency and fairness in the democratic process.

Written by Staff Reports

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