Biden Admin Pressures Experts to Lower Age for Controversial Trans Surgeries on Minors

The Biden administration is at it again, pushing a radical agenda that defies common sense and parental rights. This time, they’re meddling in the delicate issue of “gender-affirming” surgeries for minors. Health officials under Biden’s watch have reportedly twisted the arm of an international group of medical experts to drop age restrictions for these highly controversial procedures on transgender minors. The New York Times, not exactly a bastion of conservatism itself, spilled the beans on this latest move.

The administration apparently frets that setting age limits could stoke political opposition—a valid concern when their policies already have them on the defensive. Emails from the World Professional Association for Transgender Health reveal that U.S. Admiral Rachel Levine, who is transgender and mind you, a top-ranking Biden official, had her team pressure the association to erase age restrictions. Initially, the guidelines proposed sensible age limits like 14 for hormone treatment and 17 for genital surgeries. But, in the final guidelines, these age minimums magically disappeared, likely caving into political pressure.

One email highlighted a chat with Levine’s chief of staff, who was particularly anxious about the reactive legislation in DC. Levine worried that listing precise ages for these surgeries could make it even tougher to push their agenda. No kidding—the American public isn’t exactly thrilled about the idea of kids undergoing irreversible knife work and hormone treatments in the first place.

Psychologist James Cantor, no fan of these so-called “gender-affirming” therapies, highlighted these emails in a report supporting Alabama’s ban on such treatments for children. This comes at a time when numerous states and even entire countries are hitting the brakes on this medical madness for minors. Earlier this year, England’s National Health Service caused an uproar by halting puberty blockers for kids.

Meanwhile, a study from the University of Groningen found what many parents and common-sense conservatives suspected all along: kids often outgrow their gender confusion. Over 15 years, they tracked nearly 2,800 young participants and discovered that “gender unhappiness” often fades. Common sense prevails—without irreversible surgeries or hormone treatments orchestrated by bureaucrats in Washington.

The Biden administration’s relentless push to blur biological lines and overstep parental rights is alarming. If there ever were a time for political opposition to rise, it would be against this radical, reckless dismissal of age-appropriate care for vulnerable kids. Conservatives need to stand strong against such radical social engineering tactics.

Written by Staff Reports

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