Biden Admin Says Americans Have a ‘Duty’ to Defend Ukraine’s Borders

Janet Yellen, the Treasury Secretary, is being criticized for proposing that the United States spend billions of dollars on defending the borders of Ukraine instead of addressing the issue of illegal immigration on our own southern border, where thousands of illegal immigrants continue to flow in. The op-ed she wrote for the New York Times was perceived as focusing on moral principles and making inaccurate statements, without acknowledging the actual problem of illegal immigration within our country.

Yellen’s tweet about her op-ed was deemed more inappropriate, as she stated that the expenditure on Ukraine’s borders, which is miles away from the continental U.S., would mirror “our devotion to our principles” and “our ability to recognize in others the same aspirations that inspired our own battles for independence and justice.” This highlights how the liberal elites prioritize their own interests and those of other nations over American citizens.

The Biden administration’s lack of action on the southern border crisis is a disgrace, and it is unacceptable that Yellen is advocating for the United States to spend billions of dollars on defending the borders of the Ukraine while our own borders remain open. The Biden administration must prioritize the United States and stop overlooking the crucial matter of illegal immigration. It is essential that we secure our own borders before considering assisting other nations with their border challenges.

Source: Trending Politics

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