Biden Admin Turns Border Agents into Pronoun Police! Real Issues Ignored

The Department of Homeland Security, under the ever-entertaining Biden administration, has once again shown their dedication to political correctness by ordering Border Patrol agents to use “inclusive language” and cater to the “preferred pronouns” of illegal aliens. Can you believe it, folks? Instead of focusing on securing our borders and protecting American citizens, our brave Border Patrol agents have been reduced to pronoun police!

According to a leaked memo obtained by the Heritage Foundation’s Oversight Project, agents are now forbidden from using respectful titles like “Mr.” or “Mrs.” or even basic terms like “Sir” or “Ma’am.” Oh no, that would be far too offensive! Instead, they must tiptoe around the delicate gender identities of illegal migrants and avoid using any pronouns until they’ve conducted a thorough investigation into each individual’s gender preferences. Because apparently, identifying someone as a man or a woman is now a crime against humanity.

The memo goes on to explain that gender identity and sexual orientation are “separate and distinct.” So even though someone identifies as transgender, they could still identify as heterosexual, gay, lesbian, or bisexual. Ah, the wonders of the progressive mindset! It’s no wonder the Biden administration feels the need to provide a guide on how to communicate with these individuals.

But it doesn’t stop there, folks. The Department of Health and Human Services has also hopped on the pronoun bandwagon. They have implemented a policy that could lead to employees losing their jobs for simply “misgendering” their co-workers. Misgendering! Can you believe we have come to a place where using the wrong pronoun might cost you your livelihood? It’s absolute madness.

This whole debacle, my fellow conservatives, stems from two executive orders signed by Biden himself. He claims they are meant to combat “gender discrimination” based on “gender identity.” But in reality, it’s just another example of the left’s obsession with political correctness and their desire to control every aspect of our lives. They want us to speak falsehoods and pretend that biology and basic human understanding don’t exist.

Thankfully, we have voices like Roger Severino from the Heritage Foundation who are calling out this nonsense for what it is. He rightfully points out that the federal government is requiring its employees to speak falsehoods. And he’s absolutely right. Using incorrect names and pronouns is not only ridiculous, it’s a violation of our right to free speech and an expression of our deeply held beliefs.

So let’s not be fooled by the Biden administration’s attempts to push their radical agenda. Let’s stand up for truth, common sense, and the English language. Gender is not a choice, and pronouns should not be subject to the whims of political correctness. It’s time to prioritize real issues, like securing our borders and protecting American citizens, instead of pandering to the feelings of illegal aliens.

Written by Staff Reports

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