Biden Administration Ignores Republican Leaders, But They Won’t Be Silenced

Karine Jean-Pierre, the press secretary for the White House, stumbled and made a significant mistake when she disclosed on Tuesday that they were working together with the state and municipal officials in Delaware to investigate rumors that Florida Governor Ron DeSantis may be transporting a plane full of illegal aliens to Delaware. The White House was holding discussions about how to deal with the illegal immigrants, despite the fact that they had not yet arrived in Joe Biden's state.

Since President Biden assumed office, thousands of people have been crossing the border and making their way into border communities, but authorities have been unable to "coordinate" their efforts to stop them. They have no interest in cooperating with those municipalities or providing any support to them. In El Paso, where they have been relocating an average of more than 2,000 people each day, the city's Democratic mayor is arranging for these people to be relocated to New York City; nonetheless, he has not received any criticism from the left in response to this action.

Jean-Pierre was quizzed about her lack of cooperation with Republican governors on MSNBC last Thursday. She questioned why they would collaborate with governors who were "clearly playing a political game" by transporting undocumented immigrants by plane or bus to other sanctuary communities such as Martha's Vineyard.

The Biden campaign has not taken many steps to solve the problem. Because of this, the governors are considering using this. And as is clear from this response, the only thing the government of President Joe Biden is doing right now is playing politics. In lieu of carrying out their responsibilities and protecting the border, all they can think about is how it might effect liberal strongholds like Martha's Vineyard or Joe Biden's residence in Rehoboth Beach. They are acknowledging that their dealings with states are motivated by political considerations. Biden, in his capacity as the presumptive leader of the nation, ought to initiate communication with each of the states to discuss this matter. On the other hand, he claims that things are not going well for him. The absence of care shown by the governors for states such as Arizona and Texas has been brought to light by their collective effort. Votes need to be cast correctly by everyone living in those states as well as everywhere else.

In the meantime, by not locking the border, Vice President Biden has put the lives of both American citizens and people at the country illegally in jeopardy.

Where is the concern that their lives will be put in jeopardy? Where is the uproar about Vice President Biden's plan to disperse illegal immigrants across the country? The sheriff in the county where they died is the very same sheriff that is trying to hold Florida Governor Ron DeSantis accountable for sending people to Martha's Islands. However, instead of blaming Biden for not performing his job, he is pointing the finger at DeSantis. If it had occurred under Trump's presidency, the liberal media would have reacted as if it were a terrible tragedy. However, when Biden was in office, they made the decision to ignore the passing of these people. It is overlooked when individuals report illegal immigrants hurting them or others in their communities. They are ignoring the very serious problem that fentanyl presents. They are oblivious to the fact that their actions contribute to the growth of the cartels. They are concerned about sending people to a location that is popular for vacations. The ideals held by the Biden team are completely out of whack with reality.

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