Biden Administration Moves to Ease Federal Marijuana Restrictions for Medical Research

The Biden administration is looking to make it easier for marijuana to be used in medical treatments and research, changing how the federal government has handled the drug. For the past 50 years, marijuana has been considered as dangerous as heroin and LSD, but now the Drug Enforcement Administration is suggesting it be reclassified as a less dangerous drug.

Many states have already made marijuana legal for both medical and recreational use, and the administration’s move comes as the Democratic Party works to energize young voters and communities of color ahead of the upcoming election. President Biden is hoping to increase his support with these groups by making policy changes that appeal to them. 


The DEA proposal still does not allow for recreational use of marijuana and is currently being reviewed by the White House. The change could make it easier to study medical marijuana and may also decrease the taxes on businesses that sell it. This change has been cheered by those who have advocated for looser restrictions on marijuana, but some critics argue that it could harm public health and safety.

Overall, while many Americans support legalizing marijuana, there are still debates about its potential impact on public health and criminal justice. The divide between federal and state policies on marijuana also remains a concern. The Biden administration’s move shows a shift in how marijuana is viewed at the federal level, but it also highlights the ongoing discussions around its use and regulation.

Written by Staff Reports

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