Biden Allies Target PJ Media for Pro-Israel Stance

The left often accuses conservatives of having enemies lists, but the truth is that the left loves to make lists too. The Biden administration and its allies seem to have a long list of foes, from those who disagree with their policies to supporters of Israel. It’s clear that anyone who doesn’t align with the left’s agenda is seen as an enemy.

PJ Media recently found themselves on an “enemies list” for being pro-Israel. Rather than backing down, they wear this designation as a badge of honor. Standing with Israel against terrorism is a core conservative value, despite what the left may say.

Supporting outlets like PJ Media is crucial in the face of attacks from the left and Big Tech. By becoming a PJ Media VIP, individuals can contribute to fearless journalism and opinion pieces that challenge the mainstream narrative. It’s a way to show support for conservative voices in a time when they are increasingly under attack.

The VIP program offers benefits like ad-free content, exclusive podcasts, and access to live chats. By using the code SAVEAMERICA, individuals can get 50% off their VIP membership, making it an affordable way to support conservative media. It’s essential to stand together and resist the left’s attempts to silence conservative viewpoints.

In a time where the stakes are high and the battle for truth is more important than ever, it’s crucial to support outlets like PJ Media that provide an alternative perspective to the mainstream narrative. Now is the time to join forces and ensure that conservative voices continue to be heard.

Written by Staff Reports

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