Biden Ancestor’s Violent Past Uncovered, Pardoned by Lincoln!

The recent revelation of Joe Biden's family history, specifically his great-great-grandfather's connection to a presidential pardon during the Civil War, has captured attention. According to The Washington Post, research uncovered the story of Biden's ancestor, Moses J. Robinette, who was involved in a physical altercation during his time as a civilian employee of the Union Army. Robinette allegedly injured a colleague with a pocketknife, leading to his conviction on several charges, though he was ultimately pardoned by President Abraham Lincoln after petitions from Army officers.

While Robinette's troubled past was not widely known, it now resurfaces thanks to his descendant's position as the 46th president of the United States. This revelation prompts reflection on Biden's perspective on pardons and invites scrutiny of his family's legacy.

The impact of this historical discovery on public perception of Biden's use of pardoning power remains uncertain. Some may view it as an intriguing historical footnote, while others might question its relevance to contemporary politics. The Western Journal pledges to explore this story and its implications for the upcoming 2024 election, aiming to provide alternative coverage to mainstream media narratives.

As the nation grapples with pressing issues, including questions of justice and transparency, the Western Journal emphasizes the importance of truth-seeking and grassroots support in safeguarding America's values. Joining the publication in its commitment to unbiased reporting and accountability represents a vital contribution to preserving the integrity of the nation's democratic process.

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