Biden Beats Fraud Robocall to Win NH Primary: The Untold Story

In a surprising turn of events, Joe Biden emerged victorious in the New Hampshire Democratic primary, despite facing challenges from a fraudulent robocall and a seemingly dismissive attitude towards the state’s voters. The robocall, imitating Biden’s voice and using his well-known catchphrase “malarkey,” aimed to discourage Democrats from participating in the primary. This underhanded tactic clearly shows the lengths some will go to suppress the voices of conservative Democrats.

Authorities have launched an investigation into the origin of the robocall, recognizing it as a direct attempt to interfere with the election process. Biden’s campaign organizer, Kathy Sullivan, expressed her outrage at the call, as it linked back to her personal cell phone number without her consent. This kind of election interference should not be tolerated, and it’s just another example of the underhanded tactics employed by those desperate to stop Biden’s rise in popularity.

Despite the robocall and the supposed snub from New Hampshire voters, Biden still managed to win the primary as a write-in candidate, securing over 50% of the vote. This triumph is a testament to Biden’s unwavering support and the trust placed in him by the American people. Even without officially being on the ballot, Biden’s message resonated with voters who understand the importance of his candidacy in defeating Donald Trump in the upcoming general election.

It’s important to note that Biden’s decision to withdraw his name from the ballot was not a sign of weakness, as some may argue. Instead, it was a principled stand against the state’s decision to hold an unsanctioned primary, going against the Democratic party’s newly established calendar. By prioritizing South Carolina, Biden emphasized the diversity of its population, which contrasts with the primarily white demographics of New Hampshire.

President Trump’s victory in the Republican primary, with a commanding lead of over 10 points, shows his continued popularity and solidifies his position as the Republican frontrunner. This outcome likely dashes the hopes of Nikki Haley, who remains the President’s last remaining challenger. With Trump’s track record of success, it’s clear that conservatives continue to rally behind his agenda and vision for America.

In the end, Biden’s win in the New Hampshire primary, despite the fraudulent robocall and the supposed snub from voters, is a testament to his resilience and unwavering support. It’s clear that Biden is a force to be reckoned with in the Democratic party, and his commitment to diversity and inclusivity will undoubtedly resonate with voters across the country. As the race for the presidency heats up, it’s important to recognize the underhanded tactics used by political opponents and remain focused on the true goal: restoring conservative values and putting America first.

Written by Staff Reports

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