Biden Beats Reagan? Liberal Academia’s Laughable President Rankings Revealed!

In a comical display of academic absurdity, a recent survey of 154 so-called “scholars” and “social science experts in presidential politics” has revealed their severely skewed and laughable views of presidential greatness. These delusional respondents rated President Joe Biden as the 14th greatest president in history, placing him two spots above the iconic Ronald Reagan. Meanwhile, they ranked Barack Obama 7th, ahead of legends like John F. Kennedy and James Madison. The cherry on top of this ridiculous ranking was Donald Trump coming in dead last at 45th place.

The survey, conducted between November 15 and December 31, 2023, included “current and recent members of the Presidents & Executive Politics Section of the American Political Science Association,” as well as others who have conducted “recently published peer-reviewed academic research.” In other words, the survey was heavily influenced by those who have taught or currently teach at colleges and universities – the very institutions known for their liberal bias and hostility towards conservative values.

The survey completely disregarded important factors such as a president’s faithful execution of their duties, the improvement of Americans’ lives, and the country’s overall peace and prosperity under their leadership. Instead, the rankings were based on the respondents’ personal preferences and biases. This resulted in an absurd ranking that placed Biden above Reagan and Trump at the absolute bottom.

The ranking of Trump as the worst president in history, even below presidents who presided over the dissolution of the Union and failed policies towards freed slaves, showcases the sheer hatred and bias of the respondents. Their anti-Trump sentiment is so extreme that it overshadows any rational judgment or historical perspective.

This survey serves as a stark reminder of the elitism and bias that permeate the academic and intellectual circles. The respondents’ detachment from the realities of ordinary Americans and their disdain for anyone who challenges their worldview are evident in these ludicrous rankings. It’s clear that the academic elite are more interested in pushing their own agenda than recognizing actual presidential greatness.

This survey, while meant to reflect expertise and authority, has only highlighted the delusional nature of the establishment’s lettered minions who continue to beclown themselves with their biased and partisan views. The bias and disdain for President Trump in particular have been made undeniably clear, and it’s a testament to the need to challenge and expose the America-hating elites who are intent on silencing dissenting voices and imposing their own narrative on the public.

At the end of the day, it’s up to freedom-loving Americans to stand up against the academic elitism and liberal bias that seek to erode our values and distort our history. The fight for truth and justice is ongoing, and it’s crucial for those who believe in America to continue supporting outlets that advocate for freedom and oppose the relentless attacks from the left.

Written by Staff Reports

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