Biden Betrays Israel, Cozies Up to Hamas with Disgraceful UN Plan

President Joe Biden’s reckless plan to introduce a resolution at the United Nations Security Council is a disgraceful attempt to undermine Israel’s right to defend itself against the terrorist organization Hamas. The resolution seeks to impose a temporary “ceasefire” and effectively demands that Israel refrain from conducting a crucial attack on the last remaining Hamas stronghold in Gaza.

Israel has made it clear that it must continue its military operation to dismantle Hamas in Rafah, a city in southern Gaza that serves as the key to defeating the violent terrorist group. Rafah not only harbors the last remnants of the Palestinian terror organization but also serves as a hub for smuggling routes that perpetuate violence and instability in the region.

Despite Israel’s commitment to developing a plan for the safe evacuation of civilians from the area, the Biden administration shamelessly opposes any Israeli operation in Gaza. This resistance persists even after a successful Israeli raid resulted in the rescue of two civilian hostages from Rafah. It’s evident that President Biden is willing to let Hamas survive, using it as leverage to pressure Israel into accepting a Palestinian state—effectively prioritizing the terrorist group over the safety and security of the Israeli people.

Furthermore, the United States has promised to veto a resolution calling for a permanent ceasefire, demonstrating a disappointing lack of support for Israel’s right to defend itself. Instead, the Biden administration has proposed a rival draft of the resolution that weakens its language and only supports a temporary ceasefire, aligning with Biden’s recent conversations with Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu.

This proposed resolution includes language that unfairly condemns a potential Israeli ground offensive in Rafah, painting a false narrative of harm to civilians and their displacement, while conveniently ignoring the root cause—the presence of Hamas and its continued acts of terrorism.

Hamas, true to its nature, has seized the opportunity to leverage the situation, insisting on a permanent ceasefire as a condition for releasing Israeli hostages. By backing a temporary ceasefire without addressing the root issue of Hamas’s terrorism, the Biden administration has effectively played into the hands of the terrorist group and betrayed Israel’s right to self-defense.

It is an absolute travesty that the Biden administration is unwilling to firmly denounce Hamas and its acts of terror, and worse, it has hesitated to clarify whether it sees Hamas as part of a future government in Gaza. This lack of clear and unequivocal condemnation of terrorism is deeply concerning and sends a troubling message to America’s allies in the region.

In conclusion, President Biden’s resolution is nothing more than a misguided attempt to enforce a temporary ceasefire that would ultimately enable Hamas to continue its reign of terror. The United States should stand firmly with Israel and support its efforts to protect its citizens from the very real threat posed by Hamas, rather than undermining its right to self-defense on the international stage.

Written by Staff Reports

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