Biden Boosts Official Manchin Rejected: Affront to Democracy?

Tuesday, the Biden administration appointed senior Interior Department official Laura Daniel-Davis to the position of interim second-in-command of the department, an action that sparked considerable controversy. This action follows the withdrawal of support by Sen. Joe Manchin (D-WV) for Daniel-Davis earlier this year, when she was being nominated for a subordinate role as the assistant secretary for lands and mineral management in the Interior. The chairman of the Senate Committee on Energy and Natural Resources, Senator Manchin, expressed dissent towards her suggestion regarding the sale of oil and gas leases off the coast of Alaska, which would have resulted in increased drilling rates for energy companies.

The third-ranking Republican in the Senate, Sen. John Barrasso (R-WY), criticized the appointment of Daniel-Davis, accusing her of increasing the cost of energy in the United States. Barrasso asserts that through restricting oil and gas leasing on federal territories and obstructing access to vital minerals, she has compromised the nation's energy and mineral security. He argued that she is vehemently opposed to the release of American energy and drew attention to the controversy surrounding her past.

Daniel-Davis expressed appreciation for the opportunity to serve as the Acting Deputy Secretary of the Department of the Interior, notwithstanding the backlash. Collaboration with states, territories, industry, non-profit organizations, and academia was emphasized as a means to ensure that decisions were well-informed and grounded in the most reliable scientific evidence. The departing Deputy Secretary of the Interior, Tommy Beaudreau, supervised significant initiatives including the Willow Alaskan oil project and a 20-year ban on mining near the Boundary Waters Canoe Area Wilderness. Daniel-Davis will succeed Beaudreau.

The appointment of Daniel-Davis casts doubt on the Biden administration's dedication to promoting economic development and energy independence in the United States. Her past conduct, including the proposition of increased drilling rates, indicates that she will likely persist in endorsing policies that impose financial burdens on energy and limit availability of valuable resources. This choice is consistent with the overarching strategy of the administration, which is significantly shaped by the agenda of liberal environmentalists seeking to restrict the production of fossil fuels. In addition to negatively impacting American businesses and laborers, these policies also compromise the energy security of our nation. Conservatives must vigilantly observe the activities of Daniel-Davis and vocally denounce any subsequent endeavors to impede the progress of American energy development.

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