Biden Bumbles Easter, Denies Own Proclamation!

President Joe Biden’s antics at the White House Easter Egg Roll are causing quite a stir among conservatives. In the midst of all the hoopla, Biden made a feeble attempt to deny declaring Easter Sunday as Transgender Day of Visibility. Classic Biden, right?

In response to House Speaker Mike Johnson’s criticism, Biden brushed it off by calling Johnson “thoroughly uninformed.” And when pressed further, Biden acted as if he had no part in the whole ordeal, saying, “I didn’t do that.” The audacity!

The White House Press Secretary even jumped on the denial bandwagon, labeling any mention of Biden’s proclamation as “misinformation.” But the evidence speaks for itself. On March 31, Biden issued an official proclamation declaring it as Transgender Day of Visibility.

Not only did Biden make the declaration, but he also used his proclamation to push divisive fear-mongering tactics, perpetuating falsehoods that extremists are targeting transgender kids and their families with “hateful laws.” It’s classic Democrat playbook – peddle fear and misinformation to serve their agenda.

Biden’s attempt to backpedal and revise history is downright laughable. The man can’t even keep track of his own proclamations! But the truth remains unchanged – Biden did proclaim Easter Sunday as Transgender Day of Visibility, and no amount of misinformation can cover that up.

Written by Staff Reports

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