Biden Campaign Squanders $50 Million on Ineffective Ad Blitz

Joe Biden’s campaign is spending a whopping $50 million on an ad buy that many critics are calling useless. Biden recently raised $26 million in New York and $28 million in Los Angeles, but still fell short of the fundraising successes seen by Donald Trump. Since the trial verdict, Trump’s campaign has raked in over $420 million, leaving Biden far behind in the financial race.

The Biden campaign plans to focus this hefty ad investment on swing states, emphasizing Trump’s criminal conviction as a central theme of the 2024 election. However, critics argue that the public is not as invested in the trials as the campaign believes. Many see the trials as politically motivated, diminishing their impact on voters.

The ad highlights Biden’s claims of lowering healthcare costs and making corporations pay their fair share. However, without evidence to support these claims, the ad may struggle to resonate with average voters. Pollster Frank Luntz even stated that the verdict is unlikely to sway election results significantly, with the upcoming presidential debates playing a more critical role.

Biden’s campaign is banking on attacking Trump rather than focusing on Biden’s own record. This approach may not be effective, as previous efforts to shift public perceptions through TV ads have proven unsuccessful. Ultimately, critics argue that Biden’s strategy of heavily relying on criticizing Trump may not be enough to secure voter support.

Written by Staff Reports

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