Biden Caught Red-Handed: 200 Ties to Hunter’s Shady Business Deals Exposed!

In a shocking report from The Federalist, it has been revealed that President Joe Biden allegedly had over 200 interactions with his son Hunter’s business associates. This bombshell information completely contradicts Biden’s previous claims of maintaining a strict separation from his son’s business affairs. Well, well, well, looks like ol’ Joe has been caught with his hand in the cookie jar!

Hunter Biden’s former business partner, Devon Archer, is expected to spill the beans in front of the House Oversight Committee. Brace yourselves, folks, because Archer’s testimony is said to include juicy details about at least 24 meetings where the President himself was present or on the phone with Hunter’s business contacts. It seems like this father-son duo was quite the tag team when it came to making deals.

But that’s not all, ladies and gentlemen! Hold onto your MAGA hats because there are reportedly another 180 instances where President Biden interacted with his son’s business partners. Imagine that, the leader of the free world hobnobbing with foreign businessmen all thanks to his dear son Hunter. And let’s not forget that infamous meeting at Café Milano in 2015, where the President was introduced to Ukrainian and Russian business partners. Talk about connections!

If that wasn’t enough, records of visitor logs at the White House reveal something fishy going on. It turns out that Hunter’s business associates made a whopping 80 visits to the White House during Joe Biden’s tenure as Vice President. Mexican and Chinese business figures linked to Hunter’s investments were among the privileged guests who got to rub elbows with the Biden family. It’s like a who’s who of shady business dealings!

All of this damning evidence points to one thing: President Biden was knee-deep in his son’s business affairs. And let’s not forget those personal connections! Hunter Biden’s diary, yes, he conveniently left behind a diary, tells us that he hosted nearly 100 events at the Vice President’s residence. Imagine the audacity of using the power of the White House to advance his own business relationships. It’s a disgrace!

Now, let’s not forget President Biden’s vehement denials leading up to the 2020 election. He claimed he never discussed business with his son or anyone else. But the evidence is piling up against him, and it’s time for the House Oversight Committee to launch a full-scale investigation. We need answers, and we need them now!

Folks, we deserve a President who is focused on serving the American people, not one who is entangled in his family’s business dealings. It’s time to hold Joe Biden accountable for his alleged involvement in Hunter’s shady escapades. This scandal is just the tip of the iceberg, and it’s crucial that we get to the bottom of it. The American people deserve nothing less than full transparency and integrity from their leaders.

Written by Staff Reports

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