Biden Challenges Trump to June and September Debates Amid Poll Struggles

President Joe Biden, facing declining support from voters, is taking charge of the debate schedule by challenging former President Donald Trump to a televised debate in June. President Trump, who is leading in several battleground state polls, quickly accepted the invitation, and also agreed to a second debate in September.

The Biden campaign team had been hesitant about committing to a debate with Trump, but the President’s challenge to two debates is seen as a show of strength and a willingness to face off against his opponent.

The move to engage in debates comes at a critical time for the Biden campaign, as President Trump maintains a lead in many battleground states, despite facing legal issues. The Biden campaign hopes that the debates will dispel concerns about the President’s ability to effectively communicate and engage in a live debate.

Political strategists argue that Biden’s declining poll numbers make it too risky for him to avoid debating Trump, and President Biden has portrayed President Trump as the one hesitant to face off in a debate.

The debate schedule has been set, with both candidates agreeing to face off in June and September. However, the Biden campaign rejected a third debate hosted by Fox News, accusing Trump of playing games with debates.

The debates are set to take place without a live audience and with muted microphones to prevent candidates from talking over each other. Some conservatives believe that the chosen media outlets for moderating the debates – ABC and CNN – are more favorable to Democratic candidates.

Overall, the decision to engage in debates is seen as a strategic move by the Biden campaign to show strength and confront President Trump ahead of the upcoming election.

Written by Staff Reports

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