Biden Corrected 148 Times in 2024, Staffers Adjust His Statements

In the latest White House debacle, President Joe Biden has been “officially” corrected a whopping 148 times in transcripts just in the year 2024. It’s becoming increasingly clear that the Biden administration is struggling to cover up the president’s mental and physical decline. Each time Biden speaks, it seems to be a parade of gaffes that require corrections afterward.

The corrections made by White House staffers range from fixing names, dates, and organization titles to altering verbs and changing the entire meaning of Biden’s statements. What’s especially concerning is the addition of words that Biden “should have said, but didn’t,” according to the unnamed staffers. It raises the question of who is really running the show at the White House.

It’s no secret that Biden has never been a particularly captivating speaker, even in his prime. His current struggles go beyond mere speech impediments and point to a more significant issue of mental deterioration. The fact that staffers are now essentially rewriting history by inserting words into the president’s transcripts is alarming and raises serious doubts about Biden’s ability to lead the country effectively.

As a conservative commentator, it’s clear that the Biden presidency has become a farce, with each day bringing new challenges and embarrassments. The upcoming elections in November cannot come soon enough to potentially put an end to this train wreck of an administration. The American people deserve a leader who can communicate clearly and lead with strength, traits that seem to be sorely lacking in the current White House.

Written by Staff Reports

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