Biden Ducks Ohio Water Query: Leadership or Dodgeball?

White House press secretary Karine Jean-Pierre apparently has a hard time answering a simple yes-or-no question. When asked whether President Joe Biden would drink the water in East Palestine, Ohio, during his upcoming visit, she dodged the question like a professional dodgeball player. But we all know why she couldn’t answer — because Biden’s team knows the water in East Palestine is probably as safe to drink as swamp water!

Now, why would the press even ask such a question? Well, it all goes back to a train derailment that happened in February 2023. Toxic chemicals spilled during the derailment, leading to evacuations and shelter-in-place orders. It was a serious situation, and the people of East Palestine deserve answers and action. But instead of addressing the concerns of the residents, the press is more interested in whether the president will take a sip of water. Typical liberal media obsession with optics over substance!

It’s worth noting that former President Donald Trump visited East Palestine in February 2023 and actually did something useful. He donated bottled water and supplies to help the residents. That’s what real leadership looks like — taking action and providing assistance. But apparently, Biden had more important things to do, like visit Ukraine. Yes, that’s right, he decided Ukraine was more deserving of his attention than the American people suffering from a train derailment. Talk about a slap in the face!

But it’s not just Biden who dropped the ball here. Secretary of Transportation Pete Buttigieg also deserves some heat for his handling of the situation. He didn’t publicly address the derailment until ten days after the accident. Instead, he was more concerned about the demographics of construction workers. Really? While East Palestine was in crisis, Buttigieg was busy pondering the diversity of the construction industry. It’s no wonder people were furious with his response.

The fact that Karine Jean-Pierre couldn’t answer a simple question speaks volumes about this administration. They care more about spin and avoiding controversy than actually addressing the concerns of the American people. It’s all about political stunts and optics for them. But the people of East Palestine deserve better. They deserve a president who will roll up his sleeves, drink their water (maybe), and take real action to support the community. Unfortunately, they’re stuck with Biden, who seems to be more interested in jet-setting around the world than taking care of his own backyard.

Written by Staff Reports

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