Biden Escapes Fault: Points Finger at Press for Sinking Economy Ratings

President Joe Biden expressed concerns about how the media covers his economic policies during a press conference on Friday. He acknowledged that his economic approval ratings have consistently been low, with a recent NBC poll showing only 38% approval of his policies. In contrast, former President Donald Trump has gained support among voters under 45, mostly because of their dissatisfaction with the current state of the economy.

Despite these difficulties, Biden expressed confidence in the American people, saying, "I believe the American people are very smart and know what's in their best interest. I think they realize they are in a better financial position than before. It's a fact." He called on the media to provide more balanced coverage of his economic policies and consider the positive aspects of his administration's efforts.

In response, White House officials consistently emphasized that polling numbers do not tell the whole story regarding the economy. They argued that the September jobs report, which Biden referred to as "good news," is evidence of the success of his economic plan.

However, he did not hesitate to criticize House Republicans for their proposed cuts to federal spending. He accused them of prioritizing tax cuts for the wealthy and large corporations, which he believes will only increase the deficit. Biden urged House Republicans to "fulfill their responsibilities" and support economic progress.

Biden's comments reflect his frustration with the media's negative portrayal of his economic policies and his determination to continue working toward economic growth and stability. Despite the challenges he faces, he remains confident in the American people's ability to recognize their own financial well-being.

Written by Staff Reports

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