Pritzker Blows the Whistle: Kamala’s Border Blunder Exposed in Furious Letter to Biden!

The Biden administration’s decision to continue building a wall at the southern border has caused quite a stir among Democrats in Texas and on Capitol Hill, particularly Beto O’Rourke, who accused Biden of breaking his campaign promise. Biden’s feeble attempt to justify the reversal only made matters worse, as he complained about having no choice and claimed that walls don’t work. Even his press secretary struggled to defend the change.

But it was a letter from Illinois Governor J.B. Pritzker to Biden that unintentionally revealed the truth behind this decision. Pritzker expressed frustration with the federal government’s lack of intervention and coordination at the border, which has forced Illinois to spend over $330 million on humanitarian aid. The city of Chicago added another $100 million to the tab. Pritzker emphasized the need for federal assistance, calling for a dedicated leader at the White House to oversee border efforts and coordinate with states and cities.

Interestingly, Pritzker did not mention Vice President Kamala Harris in his letter, which raises questions about her role in addressing the border crisis. It seems that either Pritzker forgot about her or has grown tired of her ineffective handling of the situation. This oversight is an embarrassing reminder of Harris’ failures in tackling the root causes of the crisis. It also fuels speculation that Biden’s sudden focus on border security is merely an attempt to appease blue state and city Democrat leaders who are openly criticizing his administration’s handling of the crisis.

Overall, this letter highlights the need for a more cohesive and effective approach to the border crisis, one that prioritizes the safety and well-being of American citizens. Biden and Harris must step up and provide the leadership and support that states and local governments desperately need.

Written by Staff Reports

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