Jill Biden Tours South in Bid to Rescue Joe’s Struggling Campaign

Jill Biden, desperate to prop up her faltering husband, is embarking on a whirlwind trip to North Carolina, Florida, and Georgia to muster support for President Joe Biden. These Southern states are critical, but it sure looks like a Herculean effort for a campaign that’s been stumbling more than a toddler learning to walk.

After Biden’s recent misfires in Wisconsin and Pennsylvania, the first lady’s appearance seems like a last-ditch attempt to patch up a sinking ship. Joe Biden’s pathetic debate performance last month left Democrats biting their nails, worrying that Grandpa Joe can’t keep up with the rigors of another campaign, let alone a full presidential term. Talk around Democratic circles, both in smoky backrooms and in the limelight, has centered on whether Biden should do everyone a favor and call it quits before November rolls around.

Not just whispers anymore—five Democratic House members have grown the backbone to publicly ask Biden to step down. Meanwhile, Virginia’s Sen. Mark Warner is on a mission, reportedly trying to whip his Senate pals into joining the chorus calling for Biden’s bow out. Judging by the chaos within their ranks, it looks like the Democratic Party is more divided than ever.

Still, the Biden clan isn’t about to go down without a fight. Jill and Hunter Biden are said to be the loudest cheerleaders in Joe’s inner circle, egging him on to keep slogging along and shifting staff around like deck chairs on the Titanic in hopes of salvaging the campaign.

North Carolina and Georgia sit in the spotlight as battleground states, with Florida almost certain to turn Trump red come November. Despite Biden’s optimistic bluster, his shoddy debate performance has likely squashed any pipe dreams of flipping the Sunshine State blue. The polls aren’t looking too rosy for Biden either. In North Carolina, Trump is leading by over 5 points, while Georgia sees a margin of almost 4 points in favor of the former president.

Trump had been ahead in the polls both nationwide and in critical swing states even before Biden’s debate disaster. Now, post-debate, Trump’s lead has only grown and Democrats’ nervous pacing has become more frantic. It’s clear as day: Biden’s campaign is in trouble, and no amount of Jill Biden’s crisscrossing the South is going to change that.

Written by Staff Reports

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