Schiff Urges Biden to Seek External Advice Amid Campaign Woes

Looks like Adam Schiff, the usual Democratic spin artist, is advising his puppet master, Joe Biden, to seek outside opinions on continuing his floundering bid against former President Donald Trump. The party’s latest strategy seems to keep Biden’s campaign alive by bringing in external voices—because apparently, the inner circle’s echo chamber isn’t cutting it anymore.

Schiff took to NBC’s Meet the Press to dance around the issue of Biden stepping aside. Of course, he stopped short of telling Biden to throw in the towel but instead expressed his “concern” over Biden’s catastrophic debate performance last month. The fallout from that disaster shows no signs of slowing, much like Biden’s declining approval ratings.

Schiff suggested that Biden should consult people outside his immediate bubble, perhaps hoping that fresh voices might pump some life into an otherwise deflated campaign. He recommended that Biden seek advice from objective pollsters, as pollsters who aren’t on his payroll could magically transform him into a viable candidate. It’s laughable to think this kind of advice can turn things around for Biden—if the judgment is to run, then sure, run hard and beat Trump, but even the good Congressman knows that’s a tall order.

Concerns about Biden’s age have been amplified since the debate, where the President failed to put Trump in his place despite what Schiff claims is an amazing record. Schiff’s out there arguing that Biden should be crushing Trump, what with Trump’s criminal conviction in New York and all. But in reality, the former President seems to be hanging tough, much to the chagrin of the Democrats.

Schiff, who has eyes on a shiny new Senate seat, assured viewers that Biden will make the “right decision” on whether to bow out. According to Schiff, Biden has always acted in the country’s best interest and will supposedly continue to do so. Naturally, this will require consulting a mix of family advice and outsider opinions—because clearly, only the highest wisdom will reveal that Biden should either keep limping along or gracefully exit stage left.

While Biden contemplates his next move—or someone contemplates it for him—there’s a growing chorus of House Democrats begging for him to step down. In the wake of the Atlanta debate fiasco, at least five House Democrats openly suggest it’s time for Biden to step aside. Behind them, other House and Senate Democrats are reportedly mulling over the same possibility, indicating an internal panic that’s hard to ignore.

The Democratic Party might be teetering on the edge of a meltdown, but no outside advice will likely pull Biden back from the precipice. It seems the grand plan now hinges on whether Biden can call it quits with “dignity” or go down swinging in what could be the most excruciating campaign for them yet.

Written by Staff Reports

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