Harris Dodges Biden Gaffes, Pitches 2024 Doom at Essence Festival

In classic fashion, the Biden-Harris administration is trying to paint 2024 as the most consequential election ever – shocking, right? Kamala Harris led the charge this time, parading around at the Essence Festival of Culture in New Orleans. Black Democrats are ringing alarm bells about the supposed apocalypse that would be a Trump presidency. The irony here is, in over 20 minutes on stage, Harris didn’t even muster the courage to mention Joe Biden’s disastrous debate performance or the growing chorus suggesting it might be time for Grandpa Joe to hang up his hat.

You’d think she’d give her boss a nod, considering the stakes she emphasized. But nope, not a peep about his lackluster showing. Harris barely gave old Joe a scrap of attention while other members of the Congressional Black Caucus were falling over themselves, desperately defending him by name. Yet she yammered on about Trump fantasizing about being a dictator, his Supreme Court moves, and his supposed vendetta against political enemies, as if she were channeling Orwell directly from 1984.

The Essence Festival appearance highlights the White House’s struggle to sugar-coat Biden’s incapacity, especially for Harris. Let’s face it: it’s a tough sell. She’s the first Black woman and person of South Asian descent in the VP spot, and it seems she’s being primed as the backup quarterback if Biden gets benched. It’s a subtle power play – she’s doing the traditional vice-presidential cheerleading now, but if Biden steps down, she’s in the running to carry the Democratic flag in their war against the big bad Trump.

In New Orleans, Black Democrats seemed to be walking a tightrope, backing Biden publicly while quietly suggesting that if he bows out, Harris should be crowned the nominee. The idea being floated around is that choosing someone like Gavin Newsom or Gretchen Whitmer, both of whom happen to be white, would be a betrayal to the cause. Isn’t identity politics grand?

Black caucus leaders like Rep. Maxine Waters, who decided to hilariously point out that she’s older than Biden, are doubling down on this narrative. Waters’ endorsement of Biden despite his age and subsequent criticisms of Trump being a no-good white nationalist hoping to bring the country down to its knees with Proud Boys by his side, adds another layer of absurdity.

In the end, interviews with festival attendees reveal a mixed bag of sentiments about Biden. Some are still loyal, while others are cautious about Harris’s ability to rally support. Doubts about Harris’s visibility and her potential to win over a skeptical public persist. The country is apparently “not ready” for another Black president, and if America was ready for a woman, Hillary Clinton wouldn’t have lost to Trump in the first place. Harris concludes by ironically mentioning how she “eats ‘no’ for breakfast,” which might apply perfectly well given the administration’s current situation – a big old bowl of rejections and hesitations.

So, tighten your seatbelts, folks. 2024 is gearing up to be a rollercoaster where loyalty, identity politics, and high drama are bound to take center stage.

Written by Staff Reports

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