White House Leaks Reveal Biden’s Decline as Staffers Struggle to Manage President’s Limited Hours

Leaks from the Biden White House are hitting harder than a Randy Savage elbow drop. It’s no wonder Jill Biden might be pulling her hair out as more juicy details spill out of a presidency that seems bogged down by its own party’s dissent. According to Axios, staffers are reportedly more miserable than teenagers at a Mariah Carey concert, drawing parallels to a political version of Weekend at Bernie’s. One senior official even suggested Biden should bow out of the race and call it a day.

Here’s the kicker: Biden’s limited cognition window. Staffers say the president’s only semi-conscious from 10 am to 4 pm. The commander-in-chief essentially clocks out for a nap after six hours; this was evidenced when Biden reportedly confessed to a group of Democratic governors that he’s trying to work less and sleep more. Fundraisers under his watch are apparently orchestrated with the precision of a NATO summit.

The latest leak showed off a template prepared for Biden’s public events. This template is more detailed than an IKEA instruction manual, featuring large print and pictures to guide him from point A to point B. One disgruntled staffer remarked that even a routine fundraiser was treated like a high-stakes diplomatic meeting. If this isn’t a reflection of Biden’s limitations, it’s at least conspicuous enough to raise some eyebrows among the Democratic faithful.

Biden’s mental acrobatics—or lack thereof—were glaringly obvious during the recent debate. The president seemed as lost as a vegan at a BBQ, often struggling to string together coherent sentences. The man may as well be dependably tethered to a Teleprompter, even for something as low-key as a fundraiser. This prompted a deeper dive into whether his debate performance was a fluke or a crystal-clear display of his ongoing mental decline.

Many Democrats who once had faith in their champion are now riddled with anxieties. Biden’s interview with ABC News was, frankly, a facepalmathon. He stumbled over basic facts and was about as convincing as a used car salesman in a lemon lot. For instance, his gaffe about Philadelphia being located in Delaware should raise alarms well beyond the confines of his crumbling base.

This isn’t just about routine staff work; it’s about facing the cold, hard truth. The president’s mental decline is no longer just watercooler gossip—it’s a flashing neon sign. If anything, Democrats need to wake up and smell the cognitive decline before they’re left holding the bag in 2024.

Written by Staff Reports

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