Radio Host Exits After Using Biden Team’s Scripted Questions

In yet another stunning display of integrity or lack thereof, a Philadelphia radio host has “parted ways” with her job after it was discovered she accepted questions fed to her by President Joe Biden’s team. Andrea Lawful-Sanders, formerly of WURD Radio, apparently thought letting Biden’s handlers script the whole shebang would be a brilliant idea. This raises the ever-relevant question of whether the mainstream media serves the people or the politicians pulling their strings.

The fiasco unfolded just when folks were looking forward to a candid discussion with Biden, who is fighting off whispers and outright accusations of age-induced cognitive slippage. His team, however, seems to think he needs all the help he can get. The interview—Biden’s first since the June 27 debate—was so thoroughly prepped it could have received an Oscar for Best Original Screenplay. WURD President Sara Lomax stated in no uncertain terms that pre-determined questions don’t jive with their mission to remain an independent media outlet.

Lawful-Sanders claimed on Facebook that “the time has come” for her to move on. Talk about euphemisms! She graciously thanked her audience before exiting stage left. But it turns out she admitted to CNN’s Victor Blackwell that Biden’s team gave her a menu of questions, four of which she deemed suitable to spoon-feed to the president. Ironically, she organized this pet project independently from WURD, a black-owned talk radio station that likely prides itself on authenticity and genuine dialogue.

For those still clinging to the quaint notion that journalism involves, you know, actual journalism, taking questions from political campaigns is about as ethical as a cat in a canary cage. It reduces the chances for unscripted, authentic responses, leaving listeners with a sugar-coated version of reality.

Lomax reiterated that WURD Radio refuses to be anyone’s puppet, emphasizing their commitment to independence. She urged the broader media landscape to analyze how they’ve alienated swaths of Americans, especially Black Americans, with their overt biases and allegiances.

To add fuel to the fire, Biden’s well-scripted charade didn’t go off without a hitch. Despite having the luxury of rehearsed questions, Biden managed to mangle his words, confusing his vice-presidency with Kamala Harris’s historic role and the involvement in appointing the first black woman to the Supreme Court.

Lauren Hitt, a representative for the Biden campaign, quickly waved off accusations of coercion, claiming hosts are always free to ask their questions. Yet, given the pre-supplied list, one has to wonder if the unspoken rule was a bit more stringent.

As Biden’s campaign repeatedly finds itself embroiled in controversies around his public persona and mental sharpness, this episode does little to restore confidence. Lawful-Sanders isn’t the only one facing the music; Biden may soon hear louder calls from his own party to step aside. If he does, he’d be the first to do so since Lyndon B. Johnson in 1968, marking a historical low point for Biden and his merry band of handlers.

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