Biden’s Awkward Philadelphia Church Visit Raises Concerns Over His Competence

Joe Biden’s visit to a black church in Philadelphia took a turn for the awkward as the President displayed a concerning lack of coherence and competence. Despite his upbringing in a black church, Biden appeared out of place and ancient, with a vacant stare that sent chills down spines. Fumbling with his notes, Biden seemed more focused on studying his binder and pocketed reminders than engaging with the pastor or the congregation.

Bishop J. Louis Felton’s remarks did little to alleviate concerns about Biden’s cognitive abilities. Attempting to deflect criticism by comparing Biden’s struggles with speech to others’ blatant lies only highlighted the issue at hand. As Felton awkwardly mentioned a bumper sticker about being slow but in front, it was clear that even the church leadership was struggling to find positive words to describe Biden.

In his address to the black audience, Biden resorted to recycled stories about his past involvement in civil rights, including dubious claims about being a public defender in the movement. His attempts to connect with the congregation fell flat, culminating in a disconcerting moment of confusion when he failed to stand when prompted. 


The overall impression left by Biden’s church visit only serves to reinforce doubts about his fitness for office. Rather than bolstering his image, these public appearances only serve to bolster support for former President Donald Trump and fuel calls for Biden to step aside in favor of a more capable leader.

Written by Staff Reports

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