Biden Executive Order Tightens Asylum Rules, Draws Criticism

President Joe Biden has issued an executive order that could impact people trying to enter the United States. The rule will make it harder for illegal immigrants to seek asylum. The American Civil Liberties Union has criticized the order, saying it will harm those fleeing danger. Democratic leaders have also expressed disappointment with Biden’s decision. The executive order aims to help immigration officers remove individuals without legal permission to be in the United States. The White House has said this is a temporary measure. The president’s order will also include exceptions for children and victims of trafficking. The decision to close the borders was shared with members of Congress before it was announced to the public.

When the number of illegal border crossings reaches a certain level, the borders will close. Once the number goes down, the borders can reopen. Border officers are allowed to send illegal immigrants back to their home countries during this time. Biden’s executive order is similar to a law that Republicans rejected earlier this year. The former president and presumed Republican presidential nominee, Donald Trump, has also criticized Biden’s actions. He believes that Biden is making these changes for political reasons, not to solve real problems. The 2024 election is very important, and people need to come together and fight for our country. If we don’t, we might lose the America we love.

Written by Staff Reports

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